Who is TEDC?

Hi Baldies and Baldies supporters! TEDC stands for The Evil Doctor Crimmins, a ruthless character made up by cartoonist Paul Harvey in the wonderful series called the Bald and the Beautiful which went out by email many years ago after each match. Evil? Hope not. Doctor? Yes!! And one who is very interested in Men's Health which is the essence behind us chasing a footy around at our ages. In this column I will present Men's Health topics to assist you in looking after yourselves. Harv and I have just completed our second book on men's health called Blokes' Health 2: the 3 D's - Depression, Diabetes and Dicks. This is a follow up to Blokes' Health 1. Both are essential reading. They are cheap at $12, have big font, a small number of pages and lots of funny Harv cartoons. I have heaps to sell ( my accountant is worried) so text me on 0419 370 148  or email me on bcrimmo@bigpond.net.au to order a copy or copies ( for those other males in your family). Stay happy and healthy and see you at training. Buna/TEDC/Dr Bernie Crimmins/ #51

Refer to the PDF to see the TEDC health tips for the Bald Eagles by clicking here