Baldies Round 1 Match Report - Magoos

In 30 degree heat the Magnificent Bald Eagles took on Frankston in the twos.

A sun belting down 30 degrees is the natural enemy of the Bald head and we were well slathered as we took the magnificent ovals at Marcellin.

As I walked to the rooms I skirted a dead rat at the top of the stairs and thought it may be an omen but the umpires did a great job.

Omnipotent President Bernie was there with plastic bag and proved, once again, that a President must perform all manner of tasks on match day.

Johnny Harvey arrived to hold the board and promptly took over all duties for Dilly and myself which left us free to sit and wonder what the hell he was talking about.  Thanks for making the effort JH.

On paper we looked to have a pretty strong side and so it proved.  Captain Vito won the toss and we kicked with a nice 4 goal breeze.  We had a very strong forward line and needed the backline to break even.

Our backmen just ran them ragged and were brilliant all day led by the Sharky and Fab who toiled and hit contest after contest.

PJ rucked the whole day in the heat with very little respite and was terrific.  His field kicking to a very ill Willo a highlight.  He was giving first use of the ball to Troy and Tails who lit the game up.

Troy even ran forward to get front and square to a big pack and ran in our first goal.  Troy was everywhere and I personally believe it a travesty the Dilly received 3 votes from the umpires. (I understand confusing Dilly and Okie but not Dilly and Troy. Dilly is a cm taller.)

Speaking of Dilly, his snap for goals from ball up in the pocket took me back to the old days when other, younger people used to be able to do that.

The play of the day was a quick short pass from the backline (Lil’ Purce I think) out wide to Heebie who hit Tails in full stride.

Two bounces and a drill to Cam in the pocket saw him rocket the ball across the ground to Huddo who kicked truly.   Scintillating.

We threw it around in the second half and opened up the forward line with Tails at Full Forward.
Tails was electric all day and kicked three, as was Hornie.

Heebie was terrific out wide and managed to spray most of his team mates despite the tyranny of distance.  All but the umpires copped it. To them, he and Troy, were most cordial.  The umpires votes showed this courtesy is appreciated.

Johnny did a good job mixing it up and plenty got to have a run on the ball and all performed.
The game was pretty slow due to the heat but there were still plenty of highlights.

Hornie's big grab, which wasn’t paid, Victor kicking his first goal for the club, Troy backing into a pack and copping a spray,
Woody’s amazing goal-line smother which also earned him a spray. (Someone was heard to yell - oh God it’s knocked his tooth out.)
Willo and Dale’s efforts in the air. I could go on and on - and already have.
The Baldies got up by 41 points which may have been more if not for the sunscreen in our eyes and Frankston playing half their first side!
The Baldie Firsts went on to spiflicate the very same team in the second game.  I think the we, and the sun, softened them up for you.  (No thanks necessary.)
Great effort all and let’s look forward to the next one.
Big thanks to the water carriers and Max for helping with the running duties.


Score: Baldies         12      8        80
           Frankston      5      9        39

Goals: R. Taylor 3, D. Curtis, P. Harvey, T. Wilson, G. Hudson, M. Dillon, C. Norsworthy, A. Wilson, V. Boffa, C. Horne
Best: T. Wilson, R. Taylor, P. Jordan, M. Graham, M. Cooper, C. Horne

Baldies Round 1 Match Report - Ones

After a long and arduous pre-season (there was a few there the days we had either free beer or free food), we returned to the Nest to commence our title defence against old rivals Frankston. 

Drenched in sunlight the Bray Oval was turned out in better nick than the MCG on boxing day. The twos did the curator justice with a great win which set the mood for the day.

Chubba was his usual prepared self bringing a whiteboard full of instructions that was quickly pared down to, see ball, get ball. So out we went to get the ball.

After losing the toss (I stood there while the other bloke guessed which hand the umpire had his whistle in) I copped some abuse from Gas and Gaz then headed to the bench for a bit of Bruce Montieth style captaincy.

The first play of the day set the tone for the whole day with Big Nick tappingg the ball cleanly to Chubba who moved the ball to Dusty who goaled.

I can't remember the order of events for the rest of the day, but here's a few things I do remember.

  • Despite being provided with silver service delivery from the midfield (including the ruckman) Dusty took the chance at quarter time to remind us the even the most expensive silver could do with more polish.
  • Humpa was more or less demanding that we publically execute the opposition (we were about 100 points up at the time).
  • Huddo hit the post three times taking the all time tally the Hudson family have hit the post to four.
  • Stapo goaled twice with the ball moving like it was being driven by a drunken drone pilot.
  • Dario got so bored he ran the length of the ground to kick a goal.
  • Copey somehow found himself in the forward line.
  • Deano tapped directly to Gas at a centre bounce and then pretended he meant it.
  • Gas was in top form with the ball but better form with the lip wondering aloud if he was having deja vu when he slotted one of his five majors.
  • The new boys Norm, Bear, Gus and Matt all slotted in perfectly. Norm leaving in the Hawaiian shirt.
  • Little Nick hit the post then kicked a goal.
  • Chubba, Hoops, Dill and Jase were hard at the ball all day.
  • Pez did his ankle.
  • Again Macca ran the show beautifully, Matt ran the messages clearly and Pete and Lachie applied the strapping securely.

After wondering if we'd have enough players only a week a go it was great to have a solid win.


Also great to see so many people down at the Nest enjoying the day.

Score: Baldies         25     14      164
          Frankston       3      4        22

Goals: Gas 5, Huddo 4, Dusty 3, Big Nick, Norm, Stapo, Bear 2, Jase, Hoops, Little Nick
Best: Gas, Bug Nick, Chubba, Huddo, Norm, Dusty